Bull & Bear
Every day of the work week a fierce tug-of-war ensues that dictates
the careers, the fortunes, and short-term moods of many millions
of Americans.

The U.S stock market is a wild ride that can careen through a day,
reaching breath-taking heights and frightening lows, influenced by
the whims of business, monetary and military policy, current news,
politics, and even bad weather.
The throes of the US stock market provide a drama that is watched closely by many, but is typically only dryly
represented via plain-vanilla tickers featuring numbers and the occasional colored up or down arrow - at times
accompanied by an analyst-written article.

Bull & Bear is a cartoon concept that provides a novel and alternative way for newspapers to reach their readers and
effectively complement their established business reporting.  Instead of text and numbers, a cartoon approach is used
to deliver the basic stock market information via whimsy and insight.  The day's outcome is illustrated in the actions of
either a bull or a bear (or both) with the factor(s) incorporated that helped influence the final result of the trading session.

More than a simple indication of the market ending up or down and to what degree, the reader also is provided the
primary reason
why.  This is done in a visual "snapshot" that a reader can find and process quickly.  People absorb
information in multiple ways, and a non-text visual can often leave a stronger impression than simple copy.  
Additionally, the concept can spur interest for readers to understand more about the market via in-depth columns
deeper in the paper, thus leading to higher reader involvement.

Additional key considerations:

1. The stock market is an ongoing drama with ups and downs on a daily basis. Because it is a very serious drama for
many people, the cartoon never trivializes the throes of the market.  Instead, it serves to illustrate that drama and bring it
to life while adding a little more humor to what can be a dry and brutal daily event.

2. The cartoon will be produced every weekday afternoon, scanned and delivered to newspaper via email.  In case of
emergency or sickness, a handful of cartoons with a more generic message (e.g., the bull celebrating an "up" day with
a cigar) can always be on hand for ready insertion in the paper.

3. The theme for each cartoon is presently generated after closely following the market online via the Investor's
Business Daily, Wall Street Journal, Reuters, Bloomberg and other websites.

4. The market by nature is interesting and ever-changing, thus providing new content and compelling twists on a daily
basis.  Seasonal themes and popular culture references are easily weaved into the cartoon.  Opportunities to keep the
concept fresh are endless.

5. The concept (in b&w and color) can also be an effective addition for any newspaper's website.  Online is where
readers especially like to receive their information in bite-sized visuals.
The concept is presently being negotiated with several newspapers, local and national.
If you are interested in the cartoon for your own newspaper, please send an email to:
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Bull & Bear
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